Friday 17 October

(photo taken from until I take one of my own)

The next day I went the other way – meaning south west – and wandered around in Fullham, which is not nearly as nice as Kensington. Super cool thing about Fullham are there are a bunch of open air stalls selling fresh produce along North End Road and you can get a giant bowl of bananas for one pound.

Also, that walk has seriously shaken my belief in the concept as America as the world’s melting pot. And by that I mean walking down the street I see a handful of middle eastern kebab shops, a couple polish delis, an iranian market and restaurant, a bunch of curry places, a bunch of thai places, an ethiopian place, english pubs (of course) a few butcher shops of unknown country of origin… you get the idea.

Two things about that make me happy. The first is that there is an amazing variety of stuff to eat. The second is that in London there are still what I shall refer to as “single use shops”. And by that I mean there are butcher shops which sell, yep, you guessed it, only meat. Bakeries that sell only bread products, kitchen stores that sell only kitchen things… you get the idea. And call me crazy, but I like that. I like that a lot more than one giant-ass supermarket where you get everything.

Thinking about it, it makes sense. London is a commuter/walking city. So it makes perfect sense that as you are walking home from the train you can stop at multiple shops in your neighbourhood and buy that night’s and/or the next day’s meal. Whereas if you were in a car, you just want to get home so if you have to stop, you only want to stop once – hence the rise of supermarkets and things like *shudder* superTarget and whatever the hell walmart calls its stores with groceries.

Things I learned today:

– London has more integrated ethnicity than I’ve seen in the US. Granted, I lived in the midwest though.

– There is a nice church and cheap produce in Fulham

– Smoky Bacon crisps are delicious and ironically, vegetarian friendly


One response to “Friday 17 October

  1. the US ain’t no melting pot!!! It’s more of a processing plant. People of various origins enter, but rather than opening something like an Iranian deli, they’ll wind up franchising a chain restaurant. I’m jealous man, jealous.

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