Thursday 16 October

(not really kensington high street, well it is, but not where it’s busy)

Thursday I wandered up to Kensington High Street and realized why whenever someone asks me “Where do you live?” and I say “West Kensington” they usually respond one of two ways:

1) “Oh, you do alright then”

2) “Right, that’s a posh place”

I feel the need to point out that I do not consider my neighborhood neighbourhood to be all that posh. It seems pretty normal to me, all sorts of people, thugs yobs in Raiders hoodies, a couple bums, the usual thing. So normal. not bad, not super fancy, just neighborhood.

But, if you want to the east for about 5 minutes, it becomes very nice very fast. As in Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari Range Rover nice.

I ate lunch at Holland Park which was nice, but slightly depressing because there were loads of people playing with their dogs and having fun and that made me miss my pup. The dogs here are wonderfully well behaved – as far as I can tell, there are no leash laws, so it is not uncommon to see a dog just sitting outside of a store waiting patiently for its person to come back. That would be the stores that don’t allow dogs, which is maybe 40% of them.

Then I wandered up to Kensington palace, which when compared to other palaces is not that great. But, alongside Kensington Palace are various embassies and I discovered that you can learn a lot about a country based on their embassy and what is inside the gate.

For example, the Russian embassy has parked inside the gate a couple Rolls Royces and other various large black European sedans. The Embassy of Nepal, on the other hand, had a 20 year old Jaguar and a VW Passat. And the most interesting embassy on that street was the Israeli embassy – the only one that had blast barriers outside of it, no photography signs and a guard tower. And that made me think I need to find the American Embassy here just to see what it looks like.

One last note on the street called Palace Gardens Terrace – there was one place that was not marked as an embassy, but it had in the car park a Ferrari, an Aston Martin, and a Range Rover. Now if this is an embassy, I can only assume the country is doing quite well. If it is not an embassy, I can only assume that it is either an oil baron, a hedge fund manager, or a footballer.

Things I learned today:

– The condition of an embassy and it’s environs tells you a lot about that country

– Dogs in london are very well behaved

– There’s a lot of money in Kensington

– The red pepper and humus sandwich from Waitrose is delicious

– I miss my dog a lot


One response to “Thursday 16 October

  1. Erin Jane Pitsor

    … this makes me miss your pup for you! i hope she can come out there soon! keep blogging – i need a little fassbender in my life!

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