Wednesday 15 October

(This shot is from a previous london visit)

So wednesday I was still feeling al little out of it, but I decided to brave the Oxford St. / Regent St. / Piccadilly Circus area in an attempt to find some computery things and change American dollars into British Sterling so I jumped on the train and headed “into Town” as they say here.

I went to the Nike store first, not becasue they have computer things there but because the Nike Store makes me happy. Then it was on to Marks and Spencer to see if they would change my money. However, their rates were not all that great and they didn’t have enough Sterling on hand anyway.

As I was walking back down Oxford I see a Bureau de Change and see that, surprisingly, they have decent rates so I make a note to check them tomorrow. Wandering down Regent Street I see the Mac Store and decide to see if they will have a UK power cord for my laptop. I walk into pandemonium… people everywhere, 10 person queues for each employee… just sheer madness. So I look around on my own and fail to find what I want and so I leave.

I stopped at my favorite london cafe (so far) had a coffee and a sandwich and then decided to call it a day and head home.

Things I have learned so far:

– london is always busy. ALWAYS. it is truly mind boggling how many people live here. seriously.
– the Mac store on regent street is a mad house.
– british people love standing in line
– asian firls wearing tiny tiny miniskirts, kneesocks and interesting shoes is not a stereotype, it’s true.
– Gin is delicious (but I already knew that)
– if you are a polite american, people think you are canadian
– there is an amazing range of rate of exhange between money changers


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